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7 Tips for Budget-Friendly Fall Decor

7 Tips for Budget-Friendly Fall Decor

We’re officially in the fall season… and even though Florida’s weather might not have received the memo just yet, we’re excited to celebrate!

Decking out your home for the season doesn’t need to be expensive. Take a look at today’s blog for seven easy, budget-friendly ways to usher in the fall.

Add natural elements…

Some of the best decorative additions don’t cost much… in fact, they’re free! Just step outside to find them. Try simple, natural accents like a bowl of pinecones or a vase filled with flowers picked from the yard. Each will add a natural, woodsy, fall-inspired vibe to your space… which is perfect for this time of year!

… and a breath of fresh air

Another way to update your space for the fall? Once the temperatures cool down a bit, and the air is a little crisper, open your windows and let in some fresh air! You’ll get to enjoy the cool autumnal air all while adding a clean, airy quality to your home.

Try a DIY approach

Save yourself a trip to the store by creating DIY decorations. You can assemble twigs to create a unique autumn centerpiece, for example, or set aside an afternoon for one of fall’s favorite DIY activities: pumpkin carving!

Add homemade scents to your space

Fall is known for its lux, aromatic scents—but you don’t need to splurge on department store candles to incorporate them into your home. Create a homemade mix of apple pieces, orange peels, and cinnamon, then simmer it on your stovetop for a homey smell that lasts all afternoon long.

Upcycle your current décor

You probably already have lots of items on hand that can be turned into beautiful seasonal décor! Add fall leaves to leftover mason jars, for example, for a charming colorful effect.

Say it on chalkboard

Chalkboard doodles bring us back to the first day of school, a signal of the season tied to childhood nostalgia. Pick up a small container of chalkboard paint and apply it to a wood board or empty patch on your wall, then have fun throughout the season decorating it with quotes or playful designs.

Clear out summertime leftovers

Finally, create a cleaner, cozier space for the season by getting rid of summertime leftovers. This might mean anything from old pool floats to more valuable items, like personal watercraft you no longer use. For bigger-ticket items like these, Auto Pawn is at your service!

Let Auto Pawn be a part of your season’s plans! Whether you want some extra cash for fall-time fun, or simply want to see what we’ve got in store, don’t hesitate to stop by—we’re here to help.





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