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Cash for Gold Deltona: 5 Items You May Not Know Have Value

Cash for Gold Deltona: 5 Items You May Not Know Have Value

We can all benefit from some extra cash--but you might not know just how much potential cash is already right around you!

Just like surprise change we find in the couch cushions, hidden treasures are great surprise--a surprise that's waiting right under your nose. In today's blog, we're taking a look at five common items you may not know have value.


Did you know that some of the rarest coins ever sold have had a value of more than five or even ten million dollars? While it may not be likely that the coins lying around your house will fetch quite that much, we think it's always worth skimming through your old coin collections or change you find around the house. You never know when you'll find a rarity that can be more valuable than you thought.

Old jewelry...

We all know jewelry is a valuable item--you just may not think that your old jewelry is worth much. But think again! When it comes to jewelry, its value to our refinery is not determined by style, or the decade it was made, but by the metal in the piece itself.

... or broken pieces

The same, of course, goes for other jewelry "misfits" you may have lying around, even broken pieces. You may not be able to wear your favorite piece anymore--but even if it's in disrepair, it can still earn you some added cash (perfect for expenses, or maybe replacing your broken necklace with a new one!).


Even art connoisseurs have been baffled by the true value of paintings they've collected in their homes. Many times, the art we hang on our walls has been in the family for years (and no one's simply thought to have it appraised!). Take the first step in seeing whether or not the pieces of art in your home are worth anything more.


Trading cards, old toys, one-of-a-kind figurines: these items, and ones like them, have a record of being surprisingly valuable based on their condition.

Do you have one of these items--or maybe something else entirely? It never hurts to bring your jewelry, collectibles, and other items into Auto Pawn for an appraisal! You might just walk away with some added cash in your pocket.

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