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How Auto Pawn Helps with Summer Moving Season

How Auto Pawn Helps with Summer Moving Season

For many families across the country, summertime is moving season. Of course, moving from one neighborhood, city or state to another can be an expensive process—fortunately, as a leader among pawn shops in Palm Coast and the surrounding area, Auto Pawn can help you with financial resources you may not have even known were available. Just read on to learn more.

Cash for your closet cleanup

Everyone who has ever moved from one place to another is likely familiar with the process of cleaning out your closet or dresser—and discovering (or rediscovering) a treasure trove of old photos, receipts, pieces of jewelry and other keepsakes in unexpected places. These findings are not always valuable, of course, but if you stumble upon gift cards or unwanted jewelry (even if it’s old or damaged), consider bringing it to Auto Pawn, where you can potentially receive cash for your hidden treasure. This money can be used for moving expenses or decking out your new home—or simply as some spare cash for a rainy day. As recent times have taught us, it never hurts to have some backup, and that is exactly what Auto Pawn can provide for you.

Buying or pawning unused vehicles (or vehicles you no longer have space for)

Moving to a new home or complex with no garage, or less parking options? Or simply want to get an unused vehicle off your hands while you prepare to make a fresh start in a new space? You may be preparing to say farewell to a car, boat or motorcycle—but don’t say goodbye in vain. Get cash for your vehicle (even if it’s an older model or custom ride) and add some peace of mind to your moving experience.

Financial support for unexpected expenses

Unexpected closing costs on your home? Need some spare cash for a deposit on your new apartment, or movers’ expenses? Whatever the case may be, moving can be expensive in unpredictable ways—but Auto Pawn is here to help streamline the process. Whether you are moving within Volusia County or away from our slice of the Sunshine State, be sure to stop at a convenient Auto Pawn location to see what we can do for your financial situation.

We hope that these ideas help make your summer move stress-free and financially sound. For your summer move and all year long, count on Auto Pawn for financial backup you can count on.

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