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Spring Cleaning: To Keep or Not to Keep?

Spring Cleaning: To Keep or Not to Keep?

It’s that time of year again, time to partake in some spring cleaning! If you’re looking to clear your home of unnecessary items and clutter, the spring season is the perfect time to do so.

Instead of having extra items take up valuable space in your home, you can opt to donate them or even head on over to Auto Pawn for an even bigger gain! The key question in clearing out clutter is: what do I keep and what should I part with?

The answer to this crucial question is different for every person, but we’ve rounded up our top questions that are helpful in determining which items you are ready to let go of. Read on to discover our strategy for spring cleaning!

Question #1: Do I use it?

This is perhaps the simplest of questions and you should be able to answer it without much thought. If you have not utilized the item in over a year, this could be a sure sign that it is no longer necessary to keep in your home. Even if the item has a practical use, it is not necessarily something to keep if you are not getting any use out of it, the item is simply taking up space. Items such as specialty kitchen appliances or recreational vehicles, can be stagnant for years and while you may think you’ll get around to utilizing them, it is likely they will continue to take up valuable space without any real benefit to you. In this case, you may decide to exchange valuable items for cash that can be used towards things you truly love to do or need.

Question #2: Do I need it?

If you struggled to answer the first question, this one might help you work through. Certain items, no matter how frequently or infrequently you use them, are required to take up space in your home. Items such as important documents, first-aid kits, yard equipment, etc. are necessary for particular tasks that you may not use often, but are certainly necessary to keep in your home. Sentimental items are another example of things that may not be used frequently, but hold a greater purpose and should be kept.

If the item is essential to everyday or long-term needs, it’s best that you keep them. Otherwise, move on to the next question.

Question #3: Have I Gone Six Months Without It?

This last question is perhaps the most helpful in determining whether your remaining items in question are necessary to keep or are prime candidates for clutter clearing. This is the six month question. If you have not seen, used, or given much thought to an item in your home, it may be taking up more space than it’s actually worth. These items often include recreational or specialty vehicles, boats, and other large items that may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now are no longer bringing you the same joy that they used to.

If you have items such as this that you are ready to part with, Auto Pawn is an excellent option to make the most out of your spring cleaning. Simply bring your items by any of our three convenient Volusia County locations. Make sure your items are in good and working order with a clean title in your name so that our friendly and knowledgeable staff can quickly assist you in determining the worth of your items.

Over the years, we have built a solid reputation as a premier Daytona Beach pawn shop. We look forward to doing business with you. Contact us by phone for more information, or feel free to stop by any of our locations today!

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