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Turn Unused Vehicles into Cash

Turn Unused Vehicles into Cash

Many families have multiple vehicles. In some cases, it’s a case of many single drivers living under one roof. In others, there’s a seldom-used classic car, boat, or another machine sitting in the garage.

These extra vehicles provide fun and enjoyment and do help with scheduling — ensuring everyone gets to where they’re going without delay. But in an uncertain economy, you need tangible funds, not money that’s tied up in a vehicle that only gets occasionally used.

Now’s the time to turn these vehicles into cash. Here’s how to get started:

Know the Value of Your Vehicle

Cars, trucks, and boats have sentimental value. They’re attached to good memories and fun times of the past. But it’s important to be realistic and understand the real value of your vehicle in terms of finances.

Most people know that a car depreciates the minute it’s driven off a dealer’s lot. But there are many other factors that affect value, including:
• mileage and condition. As mileage increases, so does wear and tear on the vehicle. It’s also wise to realize that the mechanical condition is more important than more superficial facets such as paint, window tint, etc.

• personalization. After-market upgrades (oversized wheels, sound systems, unique colors) affect the value of a vehicle. These aren’t always negative, but they are factors in determining the final loan amount.

• crash history. Whether or not it was your fault, if your vehicle has been involved in an accident, your loan amount could be affected. A qualified appraiser will determine whether the accident had any lasting effects on the structure of the machine.

Rather than making judgment calls on your own, the best bet is to get your vehicle inspected by a professional. When you bring in your vehicle for pawn consideration, a knowledgeable staff member performs a comprehensive appraisal and creates a report based on information gleaned from the process. From there, you’ll learn how much you’re eligible to receive in exchange.

Know the Benefits of Auto Pawn

When you’re ready to turn your vehicle into cash, there’s no time wasted getting to the bottom line. You’ll leave happy, with a wad of cash. No long lines, no waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. The process couldn’t be easier.

In addition, most loans don’t require a credit check, since they’re primarily based on the value of your vehicle. When banks say ‘no,’ we can say ‘yes.’

Vehicle loans are cheaper than cash advances because the collateral of a vehicle offers more protection. That also means a lower interest rate. Plus, repayment can always be adjusted to fit your requirements and abilities at the time of the loan.

Get Started

Life moves fast, and there are times when we’re caught off guard, or in need of a little assistance. This can be anything from emergency healthcare expenses, death in the family, unforeseen bills, and other scenarios. In these times, knowing your options will provide you a peace of mind.

For years now, we’ve been helping Central Florida residents like you get the cash they need. We buy all years and models of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles — paying up to $100,000! Contact us today to learn more about how to turn your unused vehicle into cash.

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