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5 Cost-Friendly Costumes for Halloween

5 Cost-Friendly Costumes for Halloween

Whether you’re a wizard at heart or alien invader, the perfect Halloween costume doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

With Halloween coming up right around the corner, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite cost-friendly costume ideas for the big day. Take a look.


A love of all things wizardry is so prevalent these days, that you don’t need much to accomplish an easy and instantly recognizable costume. You can cut out cardstock stars and affix them to a black bathrobe for a makeshift wizard’s cloak. For that classic sign of a wizened wizard—a long, wispy beard—you can attach long white strings of yarn to an elastic that you wrap from ear to ear. Finally, in a pinch, you can pick out a stick from the backyard to serve as a wand! Wrap its handle in metallic string or add a coat of acrylic paint for a thematic touch.

Stick person

For a cartoonish look the whole family can pull off, start with an all-white outfit. Next, add a white paper-plate mask and draw a stick figure face. Then attach black duct tape to the front of your clothes in the form of a stick figure (with a line down the torso, and additional lines of tape for the arms and legs). You’ll look like a doodle in no time!


Don’t throw away that old umbrella just yet! A black umbrella can easily be turned into a pair of bat wings—just cut the shade in two, and use each half as a wing. Pair the wings with an all-black outfit and throw on some fake vampire teeth for a completed look.

A bunch of grapes

This fun costume is as easy as blowing up a bunch of purple balloons, then attaching them to your outfit. Top it off with a green hat to serve as the stem—and just be careful not to pop your costume on sharp edges as the night goes on!

Soccer player

Who doesn’t have an old jersey lying around? Go as your favorite soccer player (or football player, or just about anything else!). Add shin guards, cleats, and a ball and you’re good to go for an effortless costume.

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. From our Auto Pawn family to yours, have a very happy Halloween!









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