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Central Florida Boats: When to Pawn, When to Keep

Central Florida Boats: When to Pawn, When to Keep

Bottom line, it’s never easy to part ways with something you once loved, but the truth is sometimes you could benefit more from cash.

When it comes to problems like these, Auto Pawn is always here to help by sharing some advice, tips, and even cash services.

If you own a boat and are strapped for cash, keep reading to find out when it's time to trade it in.

How often do you use it?

Where you live does affect how often you use your boat, but aside from seasonal weather conditions, do you really use your boat as often as you should?

If you only use your boat the first day of the summer and once during the fall then it may be time to trade it in for some cold hard cash. You may think about keeping it for future adventures, but the truth is, if you aren’t putting your boat to good use, it's actually costing you more to maintain it.

Is it cost effective?

Many people who buy a boat look at the purchase price as the main payment and the maintenance, storage, and gas as the minor details, when really- it’s the other way around.

Maintaining a boat requires time and a whole lot of money. The longer your boat sits in the water, the more money it's going to take to upkeep the original function. 

Do you love your boat, or love the idea of having a boat?

There is a difference between having a passion for life on the water, and just wanting a boat to say you have one. After all, it’s a luxury not everyone has, but if you don’t enjoy fishing, spending long hours on the water, or learning the mechanics of boating then consider getting your moneys worth back.

Consider what that money could go towards, new expenses, new cars, college funds, or large bills.

Is it apart of your everyday life, or just taking up space?

It’s not uncommon for boats to sit in a garage, a slip, or dock for months at a time, but if this is true for you then reevaluate the meaning it has on your life and family.

If you decide to trade your boat in for cash, you could use the extra space as new storage. 

So when should you keep your boat? Of course, if you use your boat every weekend and factored gas and storage into your budget, then continue carrying on! There’s no pressure in letting go of something you once held near and dear, but when you realize it’s time to move on Auto Pawn is here to help you out. We will be happy to take anything off of your hands and give you cash for your prized possession.



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