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Auto Pawn's Classic Car Test

Auto Pawn's Classic Car Test

Everyone thinks their car is a classic- after all, you’ve made classic memories in it, and kept it in good shape, doesn’t that count?

Unfortunately, not all cars are classics based on these credentials, and while Auto Pawn accepts many makes and models, we have certain criteria for what constitutes a classic.

Take look below to see if your car passes the test.

Does it have historical interest?

Although many cars are considered a classic based on age, there must be an additional reason to preserve the car rather than scrap it. In other words, could you consider your car a collectible item?

Most “name brand” cars like Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, and so on, hold an additional value because they are hard to get and not often to come by. When you see one from back in the day, still in good condition, it becomes a rare commodity.

Has it preserved its original condition?

This step is usually where car owners go wrong. For the fact they didn’t realize their car was a classic, or they simply just didn’t know about up keeping the car a certain way, is why owners can possibly miss out on a profitable opportunity.

When you service a classic or older car, you can’t just bring it to the closest auto repair shop on the block. You have to bring it to someone who specializes in the vehicle you have. This way, your vehicle can be repaired and maintained in a way that keeps it true to its original design and specifications. Otherwise, it begins to lose value.

Was it made in the 1900’s?

In the distant future the cars we drive now, or the cars that were made in the 21st century, will be considered classics and become a treasured asset. But for now, the cars that are usually considered classics were made “back in the day.”

This topic is debatable, and depending on who you ask the answer tends to vary. Some experts say a car must be at least 100 years old for it to be a classic, while others say it must be over 40. Either way, when you get your car appraised for its value and worth shop around.

At Auto Pawn we welcome all cars- to pawn, trade, or even receive a loan. But when it comes to classic cars it’s better to play it safe and bring it in so you can have it assessed. You never know, you may have a prized possession on your hands! Stop by your local Daytona Beach pawn experts today.




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