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Auto Pawn's Inside Look: The Most Expensive SUV In the World

Auto Pawn's Inside Look: The Most Expensive SUV In the World

Even though the chances any of us will own one of these limited vehicles is slim-to-none, it’s still nice to dream.

The announcement of this vehicle was made earlier this year and for auto enthusiasts- it sparked great interest.

Keep reading to find out the luxurious details.

Is a Mercedes

No surprise here, Mercedes has been putting out some of the best vehicles the industry has seen, and they aren’t stopping there. This Landaulet G650 limousine-like SUV is part of their Maybach brand and withholds every standard, while exceeding some. The luxurious ride is set to travel off-road and able to go through any terrain- which is understandable as it sits 1.7 feet above ground.

Comes with amenities

That’s right, this SUV is more comfortable than your couch. Everything you could ever want on a road journey is packed right into this vehicle. The two passengers upfront are under a conventional roof, while the two back passengers are under a removeable roof- so they can enjoy the sky when weather permits.

This SUV only seats four so you know it’s spacious. The two back seats have leg rests, inflatable air chambers for lower back support, and a hot stone-like massage system. No one travels without a drink these days, so these passengers will be happy to know they are accommodated with holders that either heat or cool their drinks.

Don’t forget privacy! There of course, is a glass partition that separates the front from rear passengers. And that’s not all…

Has endless entertainment

What luxury vehicle would be complete without some entertainment? Both back passengers can enjoy their own viewings on separate 10-inch high resolution screens. That’s three times larger than your biggest iPhone!

When it comes to music, this action packed mobile has a perfect sound system. Whether the entire car wants to listen to the same song, or their own- the options are theirs. If you want to feel like you’re in a private concert play the song throughout the car. If you want to zone others out, put on headphones and listen away with WIFI compatible tunes.

Is extremely limited

Well, we knew this was coming. Not only is it limited because most people cannot afford a car worth $666,400, but Mercedes is only making 99 of them. That’s right, not even 100 Landaulet G650’s will be made. And get this, none of them will be sold in the US. So, if you know someone who wants one, or just picturing your favorite celebrity in one, they will have to go out of the country to get it.

Like we said before, it’s always fun to dream, but it’s even more fun to improvise. Nothing is impossible, but a more probable approach to this kind of vehicle is stepping down a notch.

At Auto Pawn, we have lots of luxurious and classic cars, boats, and motorcycles to choose from- that’s right all your favorite name brands: Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and more! Or, maybe the way to your dream is parting ways with a valuable item you haven’t used in a while. Come check out one of our Volusia County locations today, and start your journey to the life of luxury.



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