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Inexpensive Summer Fun in Daytona Beach

Inexpensive Summer Fun in Daytona Beach

Summertime provides lots of freedom for fun activities, however, if you’re feeling strapped for cash, there are always inexpensive solutions the whole family can enjoy!

Daytona Beach makes it easy to jump into daily adventures without breaking the bank, or budget.

In today’s blog, here at Auto Pawn, we are providing you with some summer solutions that will get you out of the house and into a world of summer events.

Drive to a nearby beach for the day

If you are a Central Florida native like Auto Pawn, then this suggestion is quite obvious. There is nothing like packing up the car with toys, snacks, friends and family, and heading to one of the world’s most famous beaches for an afternoon of fun in the sun. Daytona Beach is exactly how it sounds, packed with miles of clean and clear beaches ready for use. Building sand castles, body surfing, or walking along the shoreline can keep you busy at no cost.

One of the unique things Daytona Beach offers is- the drive-on experience. Most of these local beaches let you drive your car onto the sand, so you feel right at home when sitting in front of an impeccable ocean view.

Scout out the area and find the beach that suits you best: one with a built-in park, one with showers, or one that is empty, the choice is yours.

Catch a matinee

Living in Florida year-round, residents become tired of the heat, so catching an early show alone, or with company is the perfect alternative. The best part about the local Central Florida movie theatres is they offer special matinee prices during the early hours of the afternoon. You still catch all the movies you would at night, and have money left over for snacks, or your wallet.

There is nothing like reclining in an air-conditioned room, and enjoying a film with some of your favorite actors, so consider heading down to Regal or Ocean Walk Shoppes for a relaxing show.

Make a Mud Monkey

Another activity you can do while hiding from the sun is heading down to Ormond Beach’s own Mud Monkey. This is a fun, creative outlet for kids AND adults to dive into. Making your own pottery, playing with clay, or fusing glass allows you to see a creative side you’ve never met before.

And that’s not all, listen up ladies! If you need a night away from the kids- stop by on a Wednesday and BYOB, no children allowed. This is your time to experience some artistic release while enjoying free pizza. That’s right, FREE pizza.

Enjoy your Florida home

Even if you don’t have a pool, there is no reason you can’t make the most of your Volusia County home. Rent slip & slides, get water balloons, or grill out in the backyard with lots of hydrating drinks, whatever it may be, you can always have fun at home.

Inviting over some friends and family to enjoy the summer sun is just what you need. In the end, everyone will have an enjoyable time, while staying active- and keeping in line with your budget.

At Auto Pawn, we hope you will take these considerations and turn them into one unforgettable summer!



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