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Need Quick Cash? Save Money on Your Stovetop with these 3 Inexpensive and Delicious Food Ideas

Need Quick Cash? Save Money on Your Stovetop with these 3 Inexpensive and Delicious Food Ideas

While you’re busy sorting out financial matters with the help of a trusted resource amongst Central Florida pawn shops like Auto Pawn, it can also be helpful to start considering different spending areas where you can cut back. One easy area? Food! Fancy meals out – or even just that regular habit of turning to ordering in – can add up to create expensive eating habits. Even if you don’t consider yourself a chef, there’s plenty of ways to create super simple, easy, affordable, and delicious meals at home. Instead of pulling up your favorite food delivery app, look through your pantry or fridge for one of these affordable food staples and try something new below!

Upgrade Your Mac and Cheese

Have some boxes of mac and cheese in your pantry, but tired of the same old basic flavor? Kick it up a notch with some fun add-ins that bring your mac from standby side dish to star of the show! Plug in some protein with the addition of sliced up hot dogs, ham, or even ground beef to create some tasty beefy mac. Create a classic game-day combo by adding in shredded chicken and buffalo sauce, or sprinkle with bacon bits for a savory twist. For some added freshness, opt for some diced tomatoes as a topping, or mix in some peas to add some green to your plate.

Next-Level Ramen Noodles

Ramen noodles may once have been a dreaded staple of college dorm living – but not anymore! These quick and easy noodles actually form a great basis for plenty of other meals. Toss out that extra seasoning packet and look for other easy sauces and mix-ins. For example, mixing peanut butter, soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, and some chili sauce can make an excellent and simple peanut sauce for your noodles. American cheese can be another great mix-in for cheesy noodles, or opting for butter and garlic powder can create another simple and tasty sauce. But don’t stop there – if you can pick up some fresh veggies on sale or at your local farmer’s market, these are excellent mix-ins and toppings to bring your instant dinner more in line with hearty ramen noodle bowl meals. For a little flair, top off your dish with some scallions and sesame seeds!

Get Inventive with Grilled Cheese

We’re all used to enjoying a classic and simple grilled cheese with our tomato soup – but, on its own, this dish isn’t always the most fulfilling meal. The solution? Try something new and unexpected! Adding in some chicken or another protein can help create a more filling, tasty sandwich. For a BLT-themed variant, try adding in some bacon, tomato, and maybe even some creamy avocado. If you love jalapeno poppers, you might enjoy a grilled cheese with jalapeno and bacon for an added kick. Or, to keep it simple, add some garlic or garlic powder for a garlic bread grilled cheese combo!

Starting to see your pantry in a new way? Great! We hope that these suggestions have helped you find ways to make delicious, affordable meals that keep the kitchen table interesting on a low budget. While you’re finding new ways to tackle finances effectively, it’s important to know that you have the help of trusted pawn shops in Palm Coast in your corner! If you’re looking to learn more about the process of getting a vehicle title loan or getting cash for gold or gift cards, contact us today. Whether you have a boat, car, or bike, you’ll soon be on your way to finding the funds you need with Auto Pawn!

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