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The Keep-or-Not Test for Old Items

The Keep-or-Not Test for Old Items

Instead of having these items take up valuable space in your home, you can always donate them or even take them to Auto Pawn for some financial peace of mind!

The key question, however, remains: what should I keep, and what should I part with?

While the answer will inevitably differ for every person and every item in question, there is a helpful test you can use to determine what to hold onto and what you may not need.

Take a look at today’s blog to use it for yourself!

Do I need it?

This is, of course, the first question you should ask yourself to determine whether or not an item is worth holding onto. Certain things, no matter how frequently or infrequently you use them, always have a space in your home: first aid kits, important documents, or maybe even items you “need” from a sentimental point of view.

If the item in question is essential to your everyday or long-term needs, it’s definitely a keeper! If not, move onto the next question.

Do I use it?

The utility on an item can definitely impact whether or not you should keep it. Even if it’s an item that has practical benefit, style, or other redeeming qualities, it’s not necessarily a keeper unless you actively use it. So when it comes to old jewelry or even a specialty recreation vehicle, consider the usefulness of an object as you decide whether it stays or goes. In many cases, for items rarely or never used, you might decide to exchange them for cash that can be used toward things you truly do love, want, or need.

Have I gone six months without seeing it?

One of the most helpful aspects of the keep-or-not test is the six months question. Have you gone six months without using, seeing, or maybe even thinking about a certain item? If so, it might be taking up more physical space than it’s worth!

We hope that today’s blog helps you simplify your space this summer and beyond! At Auto Pawn, we’re always happy to help you exchange your valuable, unused items for cash you can use to fuel your life.  

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