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The Palm Coast Pawn Shop Guide to New Year’s Decluttering – While Earning Money

The Palm Coast Pawn Shop Guide to New Year’s Decluttering – While Earning Money

Enjoying the Christmas season means many things to many people – the feeling of holiday magic, spending time with loved ones, baking and enjoying delicious seasonal treats, and much, much more. It also, however, usually means plenty of cluttered spaces accumulating in your home. From stacked-up decorations you’re avoiding properly storing away to stacks of gifts you’re not quite sure what to do with, the holiday season has a way of lingering throughout your home, sometimes in unwanted ways.

Make the end of the year the perfect time for a deep clean by re-sorting and reorganizing your belongings. Here’s a few ideas for ways to get started from the name you trust among Daytona pawn shops – with the added bonus of finding some necessary funds for your regular expenses along the way!

There’s a Place for Everything

… and so everything should be in its place! Bring this mindset into your home – start by looking around to locate things in rooms that are out of their intended place. Whenever you enter a room, make it a point to find a handful of items that don’t belong and return them somewhere useful. Have some coats left out on the sofa? What about glasses or mugs in your room or home office that you forgot to return to the kitchen? Bring them back! Returning things to a useful space is key to keeping them organized – and remembering what you already have.

Find Things to Donate…

Along the organizing process, you’re likely to come across plenty of items you no longer use. From out-of-season clothes to dishware or home décor you’ve since replaced, there’s plenty to consider moving out of your home. It’s the season for giving – so it’s the perfect time to donate these items to a local thrift shop, shelter, or donation drive. Find a way to give items a new use for someone outside your home.

… Or to Resell!

Some items, like new and unwanted gifts from Christmas, might be worthy or a return or re-sell! Keep receipts to bring items back to stores for a refund, or consider exploring online marketplaces. What about those gift cards you received to places you don’t normally shop? If you don’t see yourself using them, exchange them for cash. Auto Pawn can help! We pay the most for gift cards so that you can utilize the money for necessary expenses. Also, if you’re looking to resell gold or jewelry, we also take gold in any condition and work with the refinery to buy at a great price to you. Whether rings, bracelets, pendants, charms, necklaces, coins, or more, bringing these objects to an Auto Pawn location can be a great way to earn money.

Consider New Opportunities for Funds

Still not finding the funds you need from the junk in your home – and coming across a post-holiday-season time of financial need? Well, have you ever considered working with Daytona pawn shops like Auto Pawn to receive a vehicle title loan? When you utilize this option, you’ll avoid invasive credit and background checks, as well as continue to use your vehicle (or motorcycle, or boat!). With a clean title in your name, we pawn up to $100,000 based on the value of your vehicle. You can even upload your car photo for a quote, making the process simple!

Continue Savings with a Minimalist Mindset

Once your house and wallet are starting to look good – it’s time to begin thinking about maintaining them! Take a minimalist mindset into your consumption. For example, stick with the items you need. When you introduce something new into your space, consider getting rid of something else to maintain a balance. One item goes in, another goes out! Also, start generating savings when you utilize your newly-organized space to see the supplies you need more clearly – you’ll know to use those up or repurpose another item first before spending again.

We hope these tips helped you along the way to decluttering and saving money for the new year! If you’re interested in exploring options for a vehicle title loan, or simply making some money from selling gold, jewelry, or gift cards, contact us today.

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